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A Mom’s Story

By Transitional Housing BARN on July 2, 2013

Olivia was victimized by her boyfriend, suffering physical and emotional abuse at his hands for three years.   She was abandoned, homeless and left to care for her 4-year-old daughter alone.


When she arrived at BARN, she was scared, tired and uncertain how to get her life on track.  With the assistance of BARN’s counselors and case managers, Olivia was able to secure a good job at a hospital, place her child in daycare and start to rebuild her life.


Having the financial strain of paying rent and utilities alleviated while living in our facility, Olivia was able to pay down her debt and save money to move herself and her daughter into permanent housing.


BARN’s LifeSkills classes helped Olivia to develop her parenting and financial management skills.  Our counseling services also helped her to overcome the emotional barriers that blocked her path to independence.  In just 9 months, Olivia successfully graduated our program.  Her commitment to the goals and objective established with her case manager and BARN’s commitment to provide all necessary services, made this possible.


Olivia’s final push toward independence was completed through our rental assistance program, which provided her with a security deposit and first month’s rent.  She is amongst 10 families who participated in this program during 2012.


Her success inspires us every day as do all the women who live at BARN.  Their courage, dedication and commitment to empower themselves and build a better life for their families make our jobs worthwhile.