Reserved places are those that are assigned to a beneficiary but that is not occupied by justified causes (hospitalization) and its cost is 30% of what is stipulated for the occupation of the place.

Reservation Of Plaza

Absences of residents, voluntary or obliged (hospitalizations in specialized centers), of duration equal to or less than four days per month, will not reduce the amount of the fee. From the fifth day, and whenever it is for justified cause and prior authorization of the management, the amount will be reduced up to 30% applied to those days and charged to what would result from the established daily cost.


  • Users’ access to community housing will be processed at the center itself or in the social work units of the area, where the demand will be received and the application form will be provided for this purpose.
  • The request addressed to the Mayor Mayor, will be presented at the Municipal Registry of Entry accompanied by the following documents:
  • Once the application has been submitted, the Social Worker will issue a social report assessing the capacity of autonomy, economic, social and family situation of the applicant and the coexistence unit, and other information of interest for the resolution of the request.
  • The selection of users will be carried out in accordance with the following basic requirements:
  • At the time of admission, a copy of the copy of the RRI approved by the Vice Presidency will be delivered to the user. The delivery and its date will be recorded.

Reservation Of Plaza

Establish a trial period of 1 month for the adaptation of the user to the center and for the evaluation by the interdisciplinary team of the suitability of the resource. During this month the contract may be terminated. The parties agree to return the surrender on account of not running out of the trial period.