Paying it Forward in memory of Kirra By: Krista Meeks

Kirra Faith Bealefeld would have turned 9 years old on February 23rd, 2017. Jennifer Sheller, Kirra’s mother wrote “Not a day goes by that we are not reminded of her physical absence in our life and at the very same time lifted up by her spiritual presence.  On this day more than any other, we are reminded to celebrate the life we have been given and the love we share with one another, because we know, very intimately, how delicate it is”. 

Last year Jennifer and her 10 year old son Ryder started a new tradition of celebrating life by doing something fun that they imagine Kirra would have enjoyed.  They also decided to “Pay It Forward” on that day in her memory, to show their gratitude for what they have and share it with others. This year they decided to go one step further. They invited their loved ones to join them to help spread love in honor of Kirra Faith and chose BARN’s families as beneficiaries of this wonderful plan.

Their goal was to collect $900 (for the 9th anniversary) in order to purchase items from BARN’s urgent need list. They surpassed their goal and on Thursday, February 23, Jennifer and Ryder arrived at BARN to deliver the items and they organized the donation shed to help ease the duties of BARN’s staff and volunteers.

Jennifer wrote the following post after their day at BARN.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that participated in this amazing event! We were able to purchase food, bedding, cleaning supplies, diapers, bins, shelving, and other household needs – with the $1175 in donations you so generously contributed to this cause. Ryder & I spent the entire day helping to organize the pantry, diaper closet, cleaning supply room, and the outdoor bedding shed. We got a tour around the facility – which recently received a beautiful renovation courtesy of Ikea. Everyone was extremely kind to us and very thankful for our time and energy.

It was 75 degrees out in February, and the skies were sunny and bright blue! It was a perfect day, and all day we felt Kirra Faith right there with us. It was incredible to feel so much love on a day that normally brings us so much pain. Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for being a part of something so special to Ryder and me. You helped give us a very special day where we could spread love and kindness in honor of our special angel. You helped to give us something we have been wanting for over 9 years – a special day with Kirra. Thank you so much!!!

Thank you Jennifer and Ryder for letting BARN be a part of this wonderful tradition you have started in Kirra’s memory!