Please help us- become a part of "The Village" today!

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Dear Friend of BARN Community Housing,


It’s that time of year when our mailboxes are filled with festive cards and letters from family, friends and neighbors. At BARN Community Housing, our families, especially the children, are getting excited for the holidays. Instead of worrying about where they will sleep tonight or if they will have food to eat, they are decorating their doorways with garlands and lights and having fun together, perhaps for the first time in a long time. 

Part of the magic of the season is the sense of connection we feel to others, even strangers. When we see people hungry, alone, or in need, we gladly share of ourselves and our gifts.  Helping each other makes us a part of a caring “Village” where everyone thrives.


Kimberly Martin lost all hope for her and family after a series of devastating setbacks led to them being evicted from their home. “The hardest thing for me coming to BARN was letting go of my pride and realizing that we were homeless.” At BARN, Kimberly received counseling to manage her depression. She worked toward her goal of becoming a teacher, ultimately winning a grant for tuition and books. Her 8-year-old daughter says, “What I liked about BARN was the activities we did around the holidays and the tutors who helped me with my homework.” Kimberly’s youngest, who suffered a stroke before birth, received the special care she needed. The family flourished during their stay at BARN and this past October, they moved into a three-bedroom townhome.

BARN Community Housing embraces the idea of being a Village. Our families have their own private spaces, but they also share kitchens, living areas, and playrooms. BARN’s Village also includes you, your family, friends, neighbors, and the community.


The Rodriques family came to BARN after their Bristow home was destroyed in a fire. Their children’s school raised $3,000 for the family. But after losing everything they owned, and living temporarily in a hotel, they quickly ran out of money and had nowhere to go. Now at BARN, they have a warm and safe place to spend the holidays as they recover from the fire and work towards moving into another home of their own.

Clients say to us, “I never thought this could happen to my family.” The horrifying reality is, the “face” of homelessness can be anyone’s face. Today, you are helping another family get back on their feet. Tomorrow it may be your family who needs a hand up.

This holiday letter goes out to your family from the Martin family and the Rodrigues family and so many others in our community that have begun their journey toward a brighter future by walking through BARN’s doors. They’re making exciting changes in their lives. They’re healing their hearts and spirits. They’re learning. They’re celebrating each new step—even small ones that can still seem insurmountable.

 At BARN we believe that homelessness is an episode, not a person. Ending homelessness is a mission that BARN Community Housing cannot shoulder alone. So, today, I’m calling on you as a member of our Village to help us serve families in need in our community.  Within a strong Village, we discover seeds and building blocks. Seeds represent opportunities to spread awareness of homelessness in our community and hope for families in need. Building blocks are connections we build with one another. Together let’s transform every story of heartbreak and defeat into one of strength, spirit and hopefulness for the future. Please return the bottom section of this letter with a generous year-end donation today.
— Dr. Oliver Reid, BARN Executive Director

From our family to yours, best wishes from BARN for a wonderful holiday season,




P.S. Your donation to BARN Community Housing will help us make sure families in our community don’t have to face being isolated, afraid, and out in the cold. Make a secure donation online at  You can make a one-time gift or spread your giving throughout the year. Thank you for supporting BARN Community Housing!



Created in part by: Denice Jobe, Oliver Reid, Bond Cavazos, Marianne Racca, Kayne Karnbach and Diane Bennett