Community housing will offer comprehensive and versatile care, will cover different user needs, support and stimulate aspects of human communication, self-esteem and the improvement of living conditions.


The activities carried out in community housing may be complementary to other interventions carried out by the different professionals of other programs or projects of the Municipal Social Welfare Area.

The community housing of Xacebans will carry out the following services:

  • Accommodation
  • Maintenance and personal care.
  • Rehabilitation, recovery and occupational therapy.
  • Social attention.
  • Complementary services: those that are designed to improve and complement the care for the elderly (cultural and recreational services).
  • Services can be planned that can be made compatible with those initially offered, such as temporary stays: short stay periods to alleviate situations of conditioning need: family trips, provisional closure of the usual support resource, hospital discharges, rehabilitation periods.

The users of the center will contribute to the financing of the services, without in any case the maximum amount paid by the beneficiary exceeding the real cost of the place, which will be set by the City Council, which will also be responsible for its collection. The users will collaborate in the co-financing of the services, depending on their dependency situation and in attention to the services and attention received; without prejudice to the obligation on the part of the users to process all the aid that may correspond to them.

The tax period will coincide with the calendar month, except when it is the beginning or the end of the service. In this case, the tax period will begin or end, as appropriate, on the day on which the beginning or termination occurs.

The fees determined by the application fees will be irreducible. In the case of temporary stays with liquidation periods of less than one month, the amount will be reduced proportionally to the number of days of stay.

For the places within the residential complex, the monthly rates specified below are established:

For the places within the residential complex the following monthly rates are established:

  • Valid people in single room: 710 euros / month
  • Valid people in double room: 663 euros / month

Complementary Services

  • Laundry service
  • Lunch service

The amounts mentioned will be updated annually in relation to the Galician CPI.

The payment of the term will be demanded in a self-assessment process as follows:

  • The first monthly payment when registration is formalized.
  • The remaining monthly payments during the first five days of each month.

Payment will be made by direct debit from the account holder designated for the collection of the pension.

Non-payment will result in the cancellation of registration.